An informal gouping of the UK's rock deformation laboratories

What we do and why

History in brief

2012: Britrock forms

An informal grouping is created when the current chair moved from ETH Zurich to take up a post at the University of Portsmouth.

2015: The 11th EURO conference & TSG affiliation

Running the 11th EURO-conference has the benefit that the generated surplus puts the group on a positive finacial footing, overseen by a formal tie-up with the Tectonic Studies Group, a special interest group of the Geological Society of London. See the 'projects' tab to learn more.

EPOS: The group continues to work on behalf of UK research

Currently our main program is to support the Implementation Phase of the European Plate Observing System (EPOS) via Work Package 16: multi-scale laboratories. See the 'projects' tab to learn more.

The UK Rock Deformation Network

Otherwise known as 'BritRock', the network was formed in 2012 as a way for researchers involved in rock deformation, rock mechanics and rock physics, to share ideas, tips and procedures for their laboratory-based research.

Anyone involved in experimental rock mechanics and rock deformation research knows it can often be frustrating, with many items of equipment and experimental protocol based on bespoke designs and often derived from a unique blend of luck, experience, and determination. Partly because of this, the UK rock physics community has long been collegiate and collaborative, with members sharing ideas and tips amongst themselves.

The idea and central goal of the UK rock deformation network, known as BritRock, is to place this philosphy on a semi-formal setting and to offer a forum for sharing everything from good labratory practice, to designing new high pressure equipment for rock deofrmation research. The network does not in itself apply for or distibute funds, and nor is is a research group or legal entity: we are simply a collection of like-minded members of the academic community who meet occasionally - often tagged onto international conferences - to share ideas. The group additionally tries to meet annually at one of the members institutions for a more focussed meeting (most recently in Liverpool).

Key contacts

If you want more informatin please get in touch:


Philip Benson

Currently Reader in Rock Physics at the University of Portsmouth, Philip acts as the groups Chair.


Philip Meredith

Professor of Rock Physics at University College London, and co-chair.


Audrey Ougier-Simonin

Laboratory manager and Rock Physicist at the British Geological Survey.