In Brief: Opportunities

University of Leeds

The Leeds Petrophysics laborator currently has an opening for a NERC DTP PhD student.

- Full waveform modelling and inversion – can we finally determine real Seismic source mechanisms and Peak ground motions from Rockbursts?

For more details please contact Dr. Mark Hildyard (   

Portsmouth RML

The RML has 3 PhD project opportunities at present (titles below). These are curently self-funded projects, however we welcome any candidates with opportunities for sponsorship or access to their own funding (EU, PTDF, industry: just get in touch!).

- Bone-metal (brittle-elastic) bond durability and fatigue derived from coupled Acoustic Emission and X-ray Computed Tomography. Project Code: SEES4931019

- Measurement of Fracture Toughness under elevated pressure and temperature. Project Code: SEES4960219

- Coupled thermo-fluid-mechanics of thermally stressed granite for Hot Dry Rock geothermal reservoir applications. Project code: SEES4830219

For more details please contact the RML director Dr. Philip Benson (   

Heriot-Watt University

We currently have two, fully funded PhD positions available; The deadline of applications is the 8th January 2021.

For more information see the following links:
From energy geostructures to urban heat islands: how subsurface interfaces will respond to temperature variations? between the Heriot-Watt and Newcastle Universities, which aims to forge an observational framework in understanding the fundamental mechanics of soils, rock formations and their interaction in consequence of thermo-mechanical actions through a cross-scale experimental campaign.
How soil characteristics affect the efficiency of energy geostructures? between the Newcastle and Heriot-Watt Universities, which aims to understand how the physical and mechanical soil characteristics affect the performance of energy geostructures applying physical (macro-scale) and numerical (micro-scale) modelling.

For more details please contact Elma Charalampidou (